005-12: Investigating Thinking Strategies Institute with the Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC)
July 14, 2011 to July 15, 2011
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

005-12:  Investigating Thinking Strategies Institute with the Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC)  REGISTER NOWLocation: GRREC Office and Training Facility Presenter: Public Education and Business Coalition, PEBC Cost: GRREC members: $450.00, Non-GRREC members: $450.00 Seminar Description:This two- day institute provides educators an opportunity to study the many ways thinking strategy instruction supportsunderstanding and to learn more about the role of comprehension instruction in the overall literacy program.Outcomes for Participants:• Develop a deep understanding of thinking strategies• Name the ways thinking strategy instruction impacts student learning• Create an explicit plan for implementing thinking strategy instructionParticipants will:• Read, write and reflect on their process of coming to understand• Make use of a specific thinking strategy to better understand a text of their choice• Generate their own inquiry question(s) about a thinking strategy• Name the ways thinking strategy instruction is related to other essential elements of classroom literacydevelopment including the rituals and routines necessary for creating a strong learning community• Explore the ways your specific beliefs about teaching and learning impact your work with students andcolleaguesAbout PEBC:Upon the 1983 release of the Nation At Risk report by The National Commission on Excellence in Education, the FordFoundation provided funds through the D.C.-based Public Education Network to nine communities across the nation tocreate local education funds (LEF). These non-profit organizations would operate apart from districts but would serve as“critical friends” to the education institutions and provide resources and expertise to the system in their reform agendas.The Public Education Coalition (PEC) in Denver was one of those newly-formed organizations. Its primary work was inquality teaching initiatives. In 1995, the PEC merged with the Colorado Business Alliance for Youth (founded in 1981),forming the Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC). While both these organizations were dedicated to improvingthe quality of education for all students, the difference was that PEC focused on quality teaching, and the Alliance focusedon preparing students for the workforce through student training activities. The merger consolidated staff and fundraisingefforts; and brought a board together that would represent both the private industry sector (business executives) and thepublic industry sector (superintendents). Today, PEBC has grown from this small, local education fund to an organizationwith an unrivaled reputation for its professional development model, its publications, and the expertise of its staff. PEBChas worked with more than 17,000 principals and teachers in K-12 education, impacting over 1,000 schools, and onemillion students.