Aligning Academics
April 26, 2017
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Learn how to achieve personal, student, and classroom goals with the 4 Disciplines process.   This workshop prepares staff to enable students to lead their own learning by engaging principles of empowerment and motivation and the power of achieving goals. This day is all about bringing leadership principles to bear on what many schools report as their number one need: academic achievement.  During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the 4D goal-achieving process, applying it to personal and classroom goals, as well as helping students set their own Wildly Important Goals.  Staff will learn how to create and effectively use Leadership Notebooks and Student-Led Conferences to further enhance and empower students to set, track, and achieve their goals, advancing their own leadership learning in school and in life. This powerful day ends with time for The Leader in Me Level 2 implementation planning. All participants will receive the guide book for Aligning Academics for the appropriate middle or elementary level. 

Learning Targets:

  • Reengage with your collective vision around creating a culture of leadership
  • Describe and apply the Four Disciplines (4D) goal-achieving process to personal and classroom goals
  • Engage students in applying the goal-achieving process both personally and academically
  • Explain the purpose and proposed application of the five tabs of the leadership notebook

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