Differentiating a MS or HS Classroom
June 9, 2017
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

The GRREC Exceptional Children Division is pleased to offer this one-day workshop for educators working with students grades 7-12 in the GRREC region.

Learning Targets:

  • To examine the critical importance of developing and nurturing a climate conducive to effective differentiation
  • To explore multiple pre-assessment strategies to determine readiness levels, interests, and/or learning profiles of students
  • To learn strategies and activities that differentiate content, process, product, and/or assessment to address the needs of students, including those with gifts and talents
  • To modify current lesson/unit (or create new one) so that it addresses the readiness levels, interests, or learning profiles of students

 Bring (or be able to access) an upcoming lesson or unit. During the workshop, participants will apply strategies to lessons or units they are planning to use in upcoming classes, leaving with differentiated materials ready for the classroom.

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Contact Angie Gunter at angie.gunter@grrec.org with any questions.