GRREC & KET Education Media Arts Day
March 22, 2017
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

GRREC is pleased to partner with KET Education to provide this exciting K-8 professional learning experience focused on developing a quality Media Arts program for your school. 

As teachers we want our learners to use their imaginations, creative processes and experience, both inside and outside of the arts.  Media artists are able to plan, organize and develop creative ideas and models into process structures to achieve desired end products. In addition, the media arts integrates beautifully into various contents allowing opportunities for students to present, share, and distribute their works throughout various authentic contexts.

Participants Will:

  • Learn best practices and tips when working with capturing audio, lighting, interviewing and basic video production. 
  • Learn about a plethora of tools to add to your Media Arts toolkit
  • Engage in conversation with a panel of educators composed of primary, intermediate, and middle school teachers regarding their work to design a quality Media Arts program in their schools. 

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Contact Terri Stice at with any questions.