Teaching Grammar in Context
March 20, 2017
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

The GRREC Exceptional Children Division is pleased to offer this 1-day workshop for special education and general education teachers of grades 3-12 in the GRREC region.

Learning Targets:

  • To review English language skills, grammar, usage, and mechanics rules
  • To review English language requirements of standardized exams
  • To learn strategies and activities to help students analyze and practice effective use of standard language skills
  • To guide teachers in creating their own grammar in context lessons using their upcoming text assignments

Bring (or be able to access) upcoming reading assignments. During the workshop, participants will apply strategies to texts they are planning to use in upcoming classes, leaving with ready-for-the-classroom grammar in context lessons and activities.

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Contact Angie Gunter at (270) 563-2113 or angie.gunter@grrec.org with any questions.