George Wilson,
Executive Director
Kathy Maciel,
Special Education Consultant, Behavior
Donna Link,
Deputy Director
Betsy Madison,
Special Education Literacy Consultant
Sandra Baker,
Associate Executive Director Learning Support Services
Dr. Steven Moats,
RTT-D Project Manager
Amanda Abell,
Associate Director of District Support
Joe Murley,
Chief Financial Officer
Beth Beckham,
Professional Development & Events Coordinator
Katelin Myatt King,
College and Career Readiness Coach
Kasey Bratcher,
Mathematics Consultant
LeAnn Marksberry,
Special Education Consultant, Transition
Shea Rogers,
Associate Director of Operations
Ryan Jinkins,
Technology Intern
Elisa Brown,
RTT-D Project Manager
Tim Murley,
District/School Safety Dir.
Ann Burden,
Bids Coordinator
Deb Myers,
School Psychologist/Special Education Consultant
Pat Butler,
Administrative Assistant
Dennis Horn,
RTT-D Project Manager, OVEC
Beth Carter,
Special Education Area Coordinator North & Transition Consultant
Kellie Thompson,
PGES Specialist
Jennifer Clemmons,
Special Education Mathematics Consultant
Stacey Owen,
Transition to Teaching Consultant
Kyle Cassady,
Educator Effectiveness & Leadership Consultant
Dr. Nancy Bertuleit,
Crisis Response & Recovery
Dr. Kelly Davis,
Director of Exceptional Children
Ronnie Pearson,
Marissa Cooke,
Professional Development Events Intern
Johna Rodgers,
Grant Writer and Public Relations
Andrea Curtis,
C3R Coordinator
Kadi Ralston,
Office of Next Generation Learners
Barb DeGraaf,
Special Education Literacy Consultant
Roberta Spillman,
Director of Finance RTT-D
Kim Estes,
Mathematics Consultant
Craig Cassady,
Staff Accountant and HR Director
Beth Biggs,
Office Manager
Terri Stice,
Director of Instructional Technology and Support Services
Dr. Betsy Flener,
Special Education Assistive Technology Consultant
Sheila Thompson,
Adolescent Literacy Consultant
Rebecca Gaddie,
Special Education Mathematics Consultant
Wendy Strode-Ross,
Regional Outreach Consultant, KSB
Brian Chism,
Technology Intern
Brian Womack,
Science Consultant
Michelle Antle,
Field Training Coordinator
Randi Womack,
Special Education Mathematics Conultant
Nancy Huston,
Elementary Consultant
John Strode,
Network Administrator
Ron Hurley,
Educator Effectiveness & Leadership Consultant
Tara Thomas,
Grant Writer
Christina Jackson,
Staff Accountant
Katrinka Wagoner,
Pat Kelley,
Administrative Assistant
Rendy Belcher,
Jacy Wade,
Administrative Assistant